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What size image will I get if I buy a download?

For $24.95, you will get at a 600 DPI JPG. We can produce higher resolution scans for a special custom rate.

What megapixel size do I need?

Great question!  Here is a good DPI/megapixel conversion chart.  The Original size will meet typical print publication standards.  If your Original download turns out to have insufficient resolution for your project, let us know and we will provide a replacement file of the size you need. 

I just purchased an image for my book/film/project. How do I credit you?

Thank you! Please copy and paste the language following Preferred Citation from the caption of your chosen image. We kindly ask that you position our credit statement immediately adjacent to the image.

What am I allowed to do with a digital download?

Here are the commercial use termsThe download you bought is for one-time use. You may not resell our content.

I don't see the image I need.

No problem! Let us know what you're looking for. If we have something that matches, we'll scan it, upload it, and send you the link.

Why should I order something if it's going to have your logo on it?

Rest assured that once you place an order, our logo will be removed from all products and high-resolution downloads. 

Do you have a picture of my house, church, school, etc?

We might! Contact us and we'll check our collection.  We have about 30,000 house and building pictures from Buffalo and Erie County.

Do you PhotoShop your images?

We DO use photo editing software to stitch scans together, to convert from TIFF to JPG, and to add watermarks. We do NOT use photo editing to remove cosmetic flaws, such as creases, stains, tears, staples, etc. We do not colorize images.

When will all of your pictures be online?

With about 200,000 photographs in the collection and a small staff, we add content in response to demand.

So what else do you have?

Here is a guide to our extensive offline, undigitized photographic collections.

Where did all these pictures come from?

All of these images were drawn from  collections in the Research Library of The Buffalo History Museum in Buffalo, NY.  Many are online here for the first time. We have benefitted from over 150 years of donations and acquisitions that document the people, places, things, and events of the greater Buffalo area.

Some important small print

1. Prices are subject to change without notice.

2. All merchandise sales (prints, wall art, collectibles, etc.) are final. We are unable to issue refunds. However, if a digital download is not satisfactory, we will happily  provide a replacement file.      

2. As best as we can determine, these images are either A) in the public domain or B) works to which we hold the copyright. If you believe that something in our galleries violates your copyright, please send us the link with your documentation. 

I still have a question.

No problem! Here is how to contact us.